Project Management

Responsible project management execution

As a single-source provider of both standard and customized construction services, Viox can help you design, build, and maintain comfortable, energy-efficient, and productive facilities. 

Our consistent quality, timely response to changes, and seamless communication with project managers and owners’ representatives enable us to deliver complete construction projects that support your business instead of draining your bottom line. Our full range of project management expertise, in-house specialty trades, and technical capabilities help deliver on-time and on-budget results while leaving optimum space to enhance business performance.

Our project management services include:

  • A single point of contact for managing all vendors and subcontractors
  • Budget consolidation with one vendor relationship, enabling improved cost and markup control, including construction cost management
  • A customized approach, including project-based or annual contracts, that lets you tailor our services to your specific business’s competitive and financial requirements
  • A flexible workforce, available to meet your requirements 24/7/365
  • In-house CAD resources with the design-build expertise needed to ensure that the construction you want is the construction you get
  • Unique value-engineering capabilities that can help you complete your project at a lower cost without sacrificing long-term investment protection
  • Experienced management professionals to oversee safe and proper project performance
  • Application of the Viox Project Control System to ensure high standards of quality, communication, and safety
  • Extensive ability to work in occupied spaces while minimizing disruption to ongoing business activities
  • A commitment to meeting scheduling demands and special requests
  • The consistent confidence you need to let us handle your project, while you concentrate on your core business and its success
  • Conducting a constructability review—reviewing construction documents on behalf of the owner. During this process, we check special and general conditions, specifications, and drawings to verify completeness, constructability, and compliance with the owner’s intent
  • Fulfilling the owner’s duties during construction
  • Analyzing contract documents to determine financial responsibilities

For state-of-the-art project management execution, give us a call today.