Integrated Facilities Management

Going beyond the limits of traditional facilities maintenance

Backed by 60 years of experience, Viox offers an integrated facilities management services platform, including specially designed preventive maintenance programs for electrical, plumbing, mechanical maintenance, and HVAC services. We also offer grounds management and construction management, all integrated to maximize customer value. Our programs are designed to maximize facility value while minimizing the customer investment.

Streamlined management approach

To help ensure a successful outsourcing experience, our management approach lets you measure, monitor, and manage your facilities more effectively than ever before. Three key components make the difference:

  1. “Potential Value” Analysis: We begin with an in-depth due diligence analysis that assesses the potential value outsourcing can provide to your business.
  2. Customized Solution: Based upon our evaluation, we design a customized facility management solution that integrates our people, processes, and technologies while matching your budget to your objectives. This ensures a results-oriented approach that’s clearly focused on providing maximum value and helping you achieve your business goals. Our programs are based on fundamental preventive maintenance solutions.
  3. “Best-in-Class” Implementation: Once a plan has been developed, we implement it by assigning and documenting specific responsibilities. We also incorporate historical results reporting to ensure continuous improvement and “best-in-class” facility performance.

By creating a goal-oriented strategy, specifying task accountability, designing informative reporting tools that enable continuous improvement, and delivering superior service, Viox helps you manage your facilities in ways that enhance productivity, energy efficiency, and cost control. It’s a complete package of integrated facility management services that gives you a real solution to your real-world challenges.

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