Energy Management

Businesses today are more focused on managing energy than at any other time in recent decades. Energy is increasingly seen as a strategic business concern. 

Examples of these concerns include:

  • Creating a competitive advantage by improving company financial performance
  • Finding a dependable, reliable, safe, and secure energy supply
  • Reducing operating expenses, reducing energy consumption, and reducing environmental impact through optimizing energy efficiency
  • Increasing employee productivity by improving indoor air quality, lighting levels, and comfort of work environment

Energy expenses have risen considerably in the last eight years, impacting all of our bottom lines. The Department of Energy predicts that energy expenses will continue to escalate for at least the next five years. Optimizing the energy operating expense and energy consumption in your facility requires a dynamic energy management program that:

  • Measures real dollar savings
  • Utilizes proven energy management processes and energy optimization techniques 
  • Provides the ability to make adjustments as the dynamics of the energy consumption changes in the facility

Viox Services provides a proven, three phase energy management program that produces real dollar savings year after year, allowing for continuous improvement and flexibility as the dynamics of the energy consumption change with time.

Viox Three Phase Energy Management Program

Benchmarking Audit / Utility Audit

Viox experts perform an initial annual Benchmarking Audit/Utility Audit to measure the consumption and cost of utility spend over a consecutive twelve-month period. This initial audit establishes a consumption and cost baseline by which energy savings are measured.

Benchmarking annual utility consumption and annual utility cost is dynamic in nature—due in part to changes in rate, weather, building occupancy, schedule, and other factors. To be accurate in measuring annual utility consumption and cost in energy audits, we adjust the benchmark each year. We also create an annual utility benchmark for each utility account in a building portfolio. Success of the energy management program is based on real dollar savings compared to the adjusted initial utility benchmark for each account.

Phase I Energy Audit 

The Phase I Energy Audit is a review of the current energy practices and an inspection of the existing energy consumption equipment in a facility. Viox researches opportunities to capture wasted energy, upgrade existing equipment with more energy-efficient equipment, and improve upon existing energy management and building management processes to reduce annual energy operating expenses.

Phase II Engineering Energy Audit

Viox determines the initial design intent of various systems in a facility, measures and monitors how these systems currently operate, and prepares a prioritized list of implementation strategies to optimize the performance of these systems. 

These strategies include energy management services such as:

  • Water system conservation and retrofit
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Mechanical system retrofits
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Occupied space retrofits
  • Solar programs
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Water treatment
  • Building envelope services
  • Design enhancements
  • Load monitoring
  • Critical equipment monitoring
  • Renewable energy system installations
  • Emergency backup generators

Call today to see how Viox’s energy-management experts can help implement a unique, integrated industrial energy optimization program.