Executive Message

frankriley.jpgSince 1946, the driving force for Viox has been our rich relationships with our employees, customers, and the community. We are a team of people who are passionate about what we do and how we do it. While you are navigating through the website you may notice that the content is focused on service and value created through leverage. Our ability to leverage is surrounded by three distinct areas of excellence:

  • Leverage of Knowledge - Our company’s intellectual capital spans over 67 years. Did you know that Viox Services is the "Original" Integrated Facilities Services Provider? We’ve been providing facilities services longer than all of our key competitors.
  • Leverage of Skill & Expertise – Through our parent company EMCOR, we’ve also earned the title of having the largest self performing facilities workforce in the USA. We provide an unmatched set of diverse skills and expertise encompassing over 29,000 employees.
  • Leverage in Service – Our service delivery model is our strategic weapon. It’s all right here and all inclusive. We’ve got you covered by offering best in class safety and risk management, value chain management, workforce management, and change and quality process management all aimed at improving our customer's total cost of ownership.

Viox is a well-oiled service company. We are a company with depth, human and intellectual capital, industry knowledge, and proven best practices. Our goal is to build a strong, lasting relationship with you, and to earn your confidence to be our customer for the life of your business.

Frank Riley
Senior Vice President & General Manager