Facilities Services & Safety Awards

Viox is an award winning provider of integrated facilities, energy and project management services.

Voluntary Protection Programs

Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) is an OSHA cooperative program, occupational safety and health administration, committed in promoting effective worksite-based safety and health. To receive approval from VPP, employers and employees outstanding efforts in achieving exemplary occupational safety and health must be officially recognized by OSHA.

Viox Services is recognized as a Partner in Safety and Health by Voluntary Protection Programs with an OSHA 3 Year – Star Designation OSHA 2003-2015.

3 Year - Star Designation



Diverse Supplier Award

Viox Services joint venture partner, Start2Finish, won a prestigious diverse supplier award from Jones Lang LaSalle in April of 2013. The diverse supplier award considers diverse suppliers that demonstrate leadership in service delivery excellence, cost management, innovation and collaboration.

Governors Excellence Award

The Governor’s Excellence Awards are presented to recognize exemplary commonwealth and exceeding what is expected of employees or groups of employees for accomplishments that reflect initiative, leadership, and a strong commitment to service.

Safety and Health in Workers Compensation